Give some life to your models!

With Magnorail™ you can add some animation to your model train sceneries and give them some life.

Thanks to a system made with invisible chains and magnets, it is now possible to move any object, wheeled or not, from HO (1/87) to Z (1/220) scales. Created in 2012 by three Dutch modelists, this revolutionary system is filled to the brim with creativity and has seen many improvements over the years.

The Magnorail cyclist, it’s just like magic!

Magnorail is not simply a magnetic chain moving around, but also the magic of seeing an HO cyclist pedaling around and moving his legs! “It’s magic” said visitors and modelists bewitched by the Magnorail stand at Intermodellbau in Dortmund, the biggest exposition dedicated to models in Europe.

Since the bike is highly used in the Netherland and in Germany, the HO cyclist was a real hit and met a true success. Magnorail offers today a full array of cyclists ready to roll and constantly evolving.

Welcome to Magnorail

We also have magnetic cursors specially made to move vehicles at the HO, TT, N and Z scales. It lets any classic car to ride across the landscape of your own creation. You can also move vehicles with static wheels, like motorcycles, scooters or even small boats!

The advantages of moving vehicles with Magnorail:

  • You don’t need to have a motor or batteries in the vehicle, only the chain is motorized.
  • Vehicles can be exchanged in a matter of seconds.
  • Any vehicle you can find in the market, from HO to Z, can be used whatever their size or era is (from II to VI).
  • The system is very affordable compared to what already exists in the market.
The advantages of moving vehicles with Magnorail:

Today, hundreds of modelists in the whole world have already successfully adopted the Magnorail system for their own network, diorama or miniature landscape.

With Magnorail, all you need is some imagination and a little experience in models to create a magical atmosphere in your scenery.

Welcome Magnorail