Presentation of the Nice Motorway in scale H0 at Mini World Côte d’Azur

In collaboration with Miniworld Côte d’Azur and Miniwolrd Lyon, Magnorail is pleased to announce the launch of the HO scale Nice motorway with a length of 9m and 4 animated ways.

For the implementation of this major project, Miniworld Lyon first looked for systems on the market that could handle this continuous animation, i.e. all day and all year round. Magnorail was quickly selected for its low cost, its ease of installation for a construction project and its simplicity of operation limiting maintenance and repair operations compared to other systems.

As you will see in the video presentation below, the construction of this large animation required a lot of testing and improvements in order to achieve optimal and reliable operation. Today, all the objectives have been reached and we would like to thank the whole technical team of Miniworld Lyon for their work and motivation.

Have a good viewing!