The new Tandem KKd-2 has arrived and announces an improved version of the Magnorail cyclists

We’ve been working on a new tandem for several months now, and contrary to what the photo might lead you to believe, this new tandem is very different from the old one.

Maketis is pleased to announce the arrival of a new-generation V2 tandem to make pedalling animation more reliable and, above all, more realistic.

Compared to the previous version, we’ve worked on a new frame design, correcting a few minor errors and, above all, modifying the attachment and fixing of the transparent wheel, allowing cyclists to pedal with their legs. We also took the opportunity to redesign the frame to give it a slimmer silhouette.

The frame’s metal material has also been changed, and after a number of tests and trials, we opted for a very interesting alloy that allows us to increase slenderness while retaining excellent robustness.

The result is that the tandem moves without any vibration or wobble. Pedalling is smoother and the tandem wheels are glued to the road as they would be in real life.

As with the cyclists in the current range, the cyclists’ bodies are made using 3D printing.

All these changes and improvements will, of course, be passed on to all Magnorail-ready riders.

Watch the video presentation of the new tandem below on our YouTube channel!