News: new generation engine

Here’s a Magnorail 2020 news!

A new motor is now available to move your cyclists around. You can find it under the reference UMb-2. We were extremely attentive when coming out with this new version because we know the motor is one of the main elements of the system.

Here are the advantages of this new engine:

  • The motor is supplied wired (20 cm), so you don’t have to worry about soldering or breaking the connection lugs.
  • The speed of rotation is faster and allows you to move not only bikes but also vehicles at reduced speed (in town, in sections with bends, etc…). The speed of movement of bicycles is reached from 6V and to access this versatility, we strongly recommend our variable power supply ref SO-6 to allow you to move bicycles or vehicles with a single motor!
  • This motor is 2.5 times more powerful than the previous generation and allows you to move more cyclists at the same time and on a longer distance.
  • We have selected a robust motor, of which the sound is slightly better than the previous versions.

See you soon,
Fabienne and Thierry.