Does your project require more track length, more motors, more sliders to move your vehicles, …? We offer you a very interesting range of extensions to allow you to complete our starter sets and create a circuit according to your imagination.

EF-2: 2 cyclists

RRP: €33,50

  • 2 H0 (1/87) cyclists, a man and a woman in kit form to be assembled and painted, new generation (3D printed body, burnished brass frame + 2 small magnets for a better glide).

ES-1: Sliders

RRP: €25,50

  • Set consisting of 8 metal sliders (4 small ones for N and Z scale vehicles and 4 standard ones for H0 and TT scale vehicles), 38 magnets (10 cubes for the chain, 10 cylinders and 18 discs for the sliders) and a 1mm diameter drill bit

EV-1: Boats

RRP: €29,50

  • Set of 2 resin boats (a small motorboat 65 mm long for H0 scale and a boat 82 mm long for N scale)
  • a piece of sandpaper for finishing
  • an adhesive felt to be fixed under the boats for a better glide
  • a drill.
  • To be assembled and painted

UE-1: Extension set track

RRP: €26,50

  • 60 cm of flexible track with blue chains

UK-1: Pair of return loops

RRP: €35,50

  • 2 return loops with 30cm of blue chain
  • Allows you to make a half turn on a diameter of less than 7 cm without slowing down the movement of the chain.
  • Dimensions of a loop: 70 x 80 mm

UMa-2: Slow drive module for boats

RRP: €52,50

  • New version 12V DC slow speed motor (includes 2 x 40cm power cables)
  • Max current 0.18 A / 0.32 W
  • Drive module (length 15cm)

UMb-2: Medium speed drive module for cyclists

RRP: €52,50

  • 12V DC medium speed motor new version (includes 2 x 40cm power cables)
  • Max current 0.18 A / 0.32 W
  • Drive module (15cm)

UMc-2: Fast drive module for cars

RRP: €52,50

  • New version 12V DC high speed motor (includes 2 x 40cm power cables)
  • Max current 0.43 A / 1.46 W
  • drive module (15cm)
Magnorail Extensions